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Forgot the Administrator's Password?

Have you Forgot your administrator's password? Not a problem! Forgotten Windows passwords can be reset in a matter of seconds even if you don't have access to any Windows account, let alone have administrative privileges. How? Simply boot your PC from a bootable CD and change any password right away. Before you search for recovery CD to format and reinstall Windows onto your PC, here are some tricks you can try to unlock the Windows to gain access to the system again, at least by resetting the password..

1. Take a rest and try hard to remember the lost password.
2. Try No Password Administrator Login Backdoor- In Windows XP there is built in administrator user account that has administrator credentials, enabled by default and without any password to protect the account from been access. If you didn't change the administrator's password, then try to sign in to Windows XP without password.
3. Reset password from another user account with administrator credentials.

You might have many passwords to keep in mind if you use a computer at home or at work. And since many of the systems automatically force the user to change their password every 90 days, this becomes quite a challenge to memorize them all. Just follow the steps down listed to quickly find the administrator password on your computer.

1. Try leaving the password blank. More often than not, the Administrator password doesn't exist at all. Press the enter button without typing anything when asked for it.
2. Perform a clean installation of Windows XP. It is a time consuming process because of the fact that all of your data must be backed up and then later restored.
3. Let other user enter his or her password. If there are other users that have accounts on your Windows XP PC, one of them might setup with administrator access.

If you are unable to find your lost password from the above listed methods then you can opt for the password recovery tools. Today there are many password recovery tools are available in the market that can do the job. Password recovery tools are software programs that work by making super-fast estimation after super-fast estimation until the password is discovered. This password recovery tool directly replaces or reset forgotten or lost administrator passwords and replaces forgotten Windows passwords even if you don't remember any password at all. Now you don't need to worry if you forgot your administrator's password because now password recovery is possible with the help of tools available in the market. Just don't waste your precious time if you have lost or forgotten your administrator password then go and buy the software. You can easily download the software from online also free of cost.

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