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Reset Windows Password

A password is a secret word or string of characters that is used for authentication, to prove identity or gain access to a resource. The password must be kept secret from those not allowed access. Typical computer user may require passwords for many reasons logging in to computer accounts, retrieving e-mails from servers, accessing programs, databases, and websites. Passwords are generally short enough to be easily memorized and typed. But what if you don't remember the Windows password and you are unable to login to your Windows OS. There is nothing worse than forgetting your password. Then in this case what will you do? You do not need to worry we have the solution for you.

You can reset Windows password by creating a reset disk. This reset disk can be saved in USB drive or floppy disk. Down listed are the steps to reset disk:

1. To create a reset disk, open start menu and type "user accounts" and enter.
2. On the left menu select the Create Password reset disk. Make sure you have plugged in USB drive or a floppy drive.
3. Next step is to select the drive to create password reset disk.
4. Now you will need to enter the current user password.
5. Now the reset disk will be created on the USB drive. To reset password you need to select reset password option while logging in and it will guide you to reset the password.

Now you have your password reset disk. To use this disk to reset your password in cases when you forget Windows password all you have to do is click a "Reset Password" option below login field and follow the procedure in newly opened window.

If you forgot an important password and you are trying to figure out how to recover lost passwords for Windows Programs then you need the help of a good password recovery tool. Most of these tools are very advanced and they have all the basic tools to help you crack your lost Password. So if you wish to recover your lost Windows Password, then go ahead and grab an upright password recovery tool and you'll have access to your files again within minutes. You can easily download this software's from internet freely and can have a try. Now that you know more about this technology it is recommend to you to run it on your systems in order to reset windows password.

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