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How to Change Your Logon Password in Windows 8

Windows 8 has been around for quite a while now. Although Windows 8 offers enhanced security features like Microsoft account password, picture password, PIN, it also raises new concerns: you are likely to forget Windows 8 login password and change Windows 8 password, or you need to change your Windows 8 password regularly to keep PC secure.

In this article, I will discuss the case of how to change Windows 8 password when you know the current password and when you don't.

Part 1: Change windows 8 password without knowing original one

If you forgot the current password or even don't know what it is, you can't change Windows 8 login password with the above method. But don't worry; you can definitely change forgotten Windows 8 password. There are 3 methods are available.

Method 1. Change Windows 8 password with Windows Password Key

If you haven't created before a password reset disk, then you can choose to use Windows 8 password changer software. Among them, I highly recommend Windows 8 Password Key. It empowers you to change lost Windows 8 admin and other user passwords instantly. It supports all PC brands like Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, etc. With this powerful tool, you don't need to reinstall Windows 8 and no data will be lost.

What are you waiting for? Follow me to change your password for Windows 8.

Method 2. Change Windows 8 password using Windows 8 password reset disk

Windows 8 allows you to create a password reset disk beforehand. Follow the steps below.

My guess however is that most of you don't have a Windows 8 password reset disk either because you didn't know the feature existed or you never thought you'd forget your Windows 8 password. If you are not so proactive, ask for Windows Password Recovery Software help.

Method 3. Use another admin account to Change Windows 8 user password

If there is someone you share your computer with has an administrator account. Give this a try to have him to change lost Windows 8 user password for you.

Note: No original password will require, but you will permanently lose access to any e-mail messages or encrypted files that are on that account.

Detailed steps are as follows:

Part 2: Change Windows 8 password with a current password

If you think your current password is too easy to guess by others, change Windows 8 password on PC setting window. Detailed steps are as follows:

Now you can use the new Windows 8 password to enter to your PC.

Finally, you should know the method 2 and method 3 in Part 1 don't always do the job. If you forgot Windows 8 password and need to get it back, Windows 8 Password Key is the best choice among the above solutions: powerful, easy features with no limitation.

If you still Windows 7 user and forgot Windows 7 passwrord, just go to Reset locked out of windows 7 forgot password >>

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