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Overall Windows 8 Password Recovery Solutions if Forgot Your Password

Windows 8 users have 2 options to log on to the system by using a local account for that PC or a Microsoft account which works on all the Windows 8 and Windows RT 8 PCs you use. No matter what account you're using, you're told over and over again to make a longer and more complicated passwords to help your data secure.

Even if your Windows 8 password wasn't that difficult to remember – you're human. Everyone forgets things now and then, even your Windows 8 password. We'd include an all-inclusive tutorial about how to recover Windows 8 password if you forgot it.

Note: All of these ideas apply equally to any edition of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 you may be using.

1. Recover Forgotten Windows 8 Password for a Local Account

If you're using a local account to login Windows 8, it has three authentication methods to log in the system – text password, picture password and PIN code. You must create a plain-text password linked to your account and optionally use a picture password or PIN code as a supplement and a way to simplify your login process. Select a solution according to which password you forgot.

How to Recover Forgotten Windows 8 Text-password?

As the previous Windows systems, you have several methods to recover Windows 8 traditional password.

How to Recover Forgotten Windows 8 Picture Password?

If the picture password feature fails for any reason, or if you simply forget the gestures you've chosen, click "Switch to password" to switch to text password. Then on the sign-in screen, you can use your plain-text password to log in to your system and change your Windows 8 picture password.

How to Recover Forgotten Windows 8 PIN Code?

If you forgot the PIN code, do not worry, because you can also switch to traditional password to login your system and then change your PIN code.

2. Retrieve Lost Windows 8 Password if You're Using a Microsoft Account

If you're using Microsoft account to login Windows 8, it is relatively easy to recover Microsoft account password since you can reset it online, so grab your smart phone, or any other computer, pull open your favorite browser, and see How To Reset Your Microsoft Account Password for the full tutorial.

OK, I'm sure you got the solution if you lost or forgotten your Windows 8 password above. Again, please make sure your password is easy to remember for yourself and hard to guess for others. If you unfortunately forgot it, try the ways introduced in this article. We recommend Windows Password Key if you're using local account and forgot the password.

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