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How to Remove Windows 7 Login Password

Windows 7 password is the passport to Windows 7 operating system. Security professionals would recommend having such a password, however, chances are you need to remove Windows 7 password if security concern doesn't matter, or urgently need to remove it because you've forgot it. If so, the following steps of how to remove Windows 7 password will help you.

Part 1. Remove Windows 7 Password without Knowing it

If you need to remove Windows 7 password because you've forgotten it and can't get in to Windows, you can try a professional Windows 7 password removal tool, Windows Password Recovery, to reset and remove it. It can recover password for both administrator and standard user account.

Here we take remove Windows 7 administrator password for example. The steps for any other account are the same.

Part 2. Remove and Bypass Windows 7 Password after Login

If you have problems remembering your password and you're the only person with access to your computer, you can remove your Windows 7 password and completely bypass the Windows 7 logon process.

Follow the easy instructions below to remove the password to your Windows 7 account.

Note: If you're trying to remove forgotten Windows 7 password, go to Windows Password Recovery for help.

You can now close the User Accounts window. Now that your Windows 7 account password has been deleted, you will no longer need to log on when your computer starts.

Well, this article includes all about removing Windows 7 password when you forgot it or not. Windows Password Recovery is highly recommended. Now you must be the expert in this topic, why not share your idea with your friends?

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