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Tricks You Need to Know to Remove Windows 8 password

From the posts I read on some forums, I find that many people want to remove Windows 8 password screen because they use their computer at home or only one person use it so they don't need password. If you remember the current password and want to sign in automatically, I'll show you how in situation 1. Skip this part and go to situation 2 if you want to remove Windows 8 forgotten password.

Situation 1: Remove Windows 8 Password Screen to Automatically Login to Widows 8

Tired of signing in by typing Windows 8 password every time and want to bypass the password screen? Do as follows to remove Windows 8 password screen.

Now you have successfully remove Windows 8 password lock screen and log-in screen and you can log into Windows 8 without choosing username and typing password.

Situation 2: Remove Windows 8 password when you forgot it

You must be extremely worried when you urgently need to use your computer but you cannot log in because you forgot Windows 8 password. You don't want to reinstall your computer because you have no idea whether it will cause data loss. You are completely at a loss and don't know what to do. In this case, you have such choices to conduct Windows 8 password removal.

Choice 1: use password Hint

When you are setting a Windows password on Windows 8, you are required to create a hint. A good hint can help you recall the password when you are a little uncertain about some characters. With the aid of hint, you may recall the whole password. If not, move on to learn other methods on how to remove password from Windows 8 user account and administrator account.

Choice 2: Use Windows 8 Password Reset Disk

With a password reset disk in hand, you can remove Windows 8 whenever you forgot it. But the question is that whether you have ever created one when you're able to log on your PC.

Assuming that you have created one in advance, then you can use this method to remove Windows 8 password easily.

Choice 3: Use Windows 8 Password Removal Tool

If you cannot recall your password with the aid of the hint and haven't created a password reset disk in advance, I'd recommend you an effective and easy-to-use Windows 8 password remover—Windows 8 Password Key. Here's how to remove Windows 8 administrator password in Windows 8 in 4 simple steps.

After reading this article, you should have learnt how to remove Windows 8 password with Windows 8 Password Key when you don't need or forgot the password. If not, read it again.

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