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How to Reset Domain Administrator Password on Windows Server 2012

Losing your password is an awful enough thing to experience, it's even worse when the password is for your Windows Server Domain Administrator account. Not only will you be locked out of your PC, but also the chain of computers will paralyze. So what to do to reset your Domain Administrator password for Window Server 2012? Read to find out.

There are actually two methods to choose from, it's up to you to use which one. Here are the guides on how to reset Windows Server 2012 Domain Administrator password.

Method 1: Reset Windows Sever 2012 Domain Administrator Password with Installation CD

This method is a little complicated, but don't worry, just follow the instruction and you will get the password back. If you do not really want to challenge yourself with this, or installation CD is unavailable for you, please skip to Method 2, the easier way to reset your password.

Method 2: Using Windows Password Key Enterprise to Reset Windows Server 2012 Password

The first method is quite challenging, isn't it? Well, if you don't have installation CD, and you also don't want to go all the way to the various settings and commands, using Windows Password Key Enterprise is the best solution. There's no need to go through the complicated process and it is super easy to use, get a free trial version and let's get started!

There you go, both methods are displayed here. Now choose one that you like to reset your Windows Server 2012 Domain Administrator password. Plus, if your operating system is Windows Server 2003 or 2008, click to find out how to reset Windows Server 2008 domain admin password and reset DC password on Windows Server 2003.

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