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How to Reset Windows Server 2012 Password?

Forgetting the password for Windows Server is not a good thing, unfortunately, also not an uncommon thing. Many people, who have encountered with this kind of incident, are looking for help online. What to do when you forgot the password for your Windows Server 2012? How to reset Windows Server 2012 password? If you are just one of the crowds who lost their password, look no further, here we provide the guide of resetting Windows Server 2012 password for you.

Well, losing password for your Windows Server 2012 can mean that you lost your local administrator password or your domain administrator password. However, in fact, there is no that big of difference between resetting local admin and domain admin password. Local admin account in Windows Server 2012 is just like the account in other Windows systems, which can be reset with a password reset disk. Though the domain administrator password resetting can also apply the method, it has another, yet more complicated option. It's up to you to decide which method suits you the best.

Method 1: Reset Windows Server 2012 Password with Password Reset Disk

In order to apply this method, you will need a password reset disk, which can only be created before you forgot your password. If you already have a password reset disk, please just insert the disk to your computer and follow the instruction it gives. If you didn't have a password reset disk to reset your Windows Server 2012 password, in order to do that, a program called Windows Password Reset needs to be installed. It can recover Windows local administrator, user password and domain administrator password instantly and safely. Don't assume getting back your password is a too hard thing to do, with this software, your password is right at your fingertips with a few click and plug unplug.

Note: this method applies both to local admin and domain admin password resetting.

Method 2: Reset Windows Server 2012 DA Password with Installation CD

Well, for those who lost the Domain Administrator password to their Windows Server 2012, if you still have your installation CD around, please follow the instruction bellow to reset Windows Server 2012 Domain password.

Then you have successfully reset your Windows Server 2012 Domain Administrator password, if you need a more detailed instruction, please click to find out how to reset Windows Server 2012 DA password. And if you are running Windows Server 2008, please check out how to reset Windows Server 2008 domain password.

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