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Try Chrome OS on Your Windows PC

Why You Choose to Run Chrome OS?

You really have very little use for a big, powerful computer since all you do with it is check emails and browse website every day. What you really need is an ultra-simple computer that does absolutely nothing else except provides you with an instant link to the Internet where you can do what you want to do, without dealing with all of the nuances and problems that a full-fledged computer operating system brings.

This is the niche that Chromebook attempt to solve. It's super quick to boot up, moves fast, and is relatively pain-free since it is, in effect, just a browser. Whether you want to install Chrome OS on your own computer running Windows, you'll need to do a little work to get it up and running.

How to Dual Boot Chrome OS on Windows Computer?

Install Chrome OS Inside VirtualBox

Run Chrome OS on VirtualBox

When you first launch this version Chromium OS, you'll see a welcome screen like below.

run chrome os on windows 7

The center desktop area has a bunch of tools you can use to set up your experience with the OS, like getting your keyboard to work right, syncing devices, and similar things to customize how everything you do works with this OS.

install chrome os on pc hard drive

Hit the "start menu" and discovered only three icons. A file explorer, an icon to launch the Chrome web browser, and a link to the Chrome store.

run chrome os on old pc

Click on the time loaded up a link to volume settings, a login for your Gmail account, and the "Settings" option.

boot chrome on windows laptop

run chrome on windows 8

This OS is all about browsing the web. For example, the "file explorer" is essentially a way to access your Google Drive account. When you download "apps" using the store, you'll discover that these are Chrome browser apps, not so much full-fledged computer applications.

That's it! It's certainly more workable than buying yourself a Chromebook, but you get the advantage of picking your hardware, or using the hardware you already have.

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