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Top 5 Ways to Reset Lost Windows Password for Sony Laptop

sonly laptop password reset

With stylish appearance, Sony laptop is quiet popular all around the world. So it is no wonder that the questions like "I forgot my Sony password and what to do" flooded at the forum.

Well, I'd like to share some experience with you.

Common Reasons for Sony Laptop Password Reset

Often, a password set to protect a Sony laptop causes losing password and you need to reset it when:

How to Unlock Sony Laptop Password If You Forgot it?

Top 5: Reinstall Windows

Reinstalling Windows is the last choice to remove Windows password for Sony laptop, because it will completely erase your hard drive. So, if there is any other idea like Windows Password Key, be conservative and keep on reading.

Top 4: Reset Microsoft Account Password (For Windows 8 Only)

If you are running Windows 8 and if you use a Microsoft account to login, you can login into your Windows without Windows password. If that doesn't describe your situation, move on the next idea.

It is easy to reset your lost Windows password from any browser, on any computer or device including your smartphone.

Top 3: Have an Administrator Change your Password

If you share your computer with anyone who has administrator privilege, you can ask him to change your lost password for you. Pass on this method if you're the only user on your computer, or you lost the administrator password on Sony laptop.

Top 2: Use Password Reset Disk

It's quite easy to crack lost Sony laptop password assuming of course you have ever created a password reset disk. If you never created one yourself before losing access to Windows then this option isn't going to do you any good.

sony password reset disk

Top 1: Ultimate Sony Password Recovery Tool – Windows Password Key

Windows Password Key is the most reliable Windows password reset tool without any limitation. It can recover administrator password and user password for Sony computer running Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. It supports all Sonly computer models on the market.

Following are short guide on how to reset Sony password. To get started, download this Sony password reset tool on another available computer.

How to Avoid forgetting your Password for Sony Computer?

Before you lose your Windows login password for your Sony computer, you can refer to following tips to avoid forgetting it. If it fails, anyway, you can try Windows Password Key to recover Sony laptop password.

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