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Top 3 Windows 7 Password Reset Software

Forgot Windows 7 login password and fail to access your PC? Have no password reset disk created before you get locked out? Want to reset Windows 7 password without data loss? In this case, seeking help from third-party software is a perfect choice. Here we will introduce three prevailing Windows 7 password reset software for your reference.

Top 1: Windows Password Key

Windows Password Key is versatile and professional Windows 7 password reset program. It can easily reset administrator password in Windows 7 as well as local standard password. Below are some introductions of this software and the detailed tutorials about how to reset password on Windows 7 with it.

1. Pros: no need to reinstall the system; no data loss; compatible with all Windows OS (including Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP); easy handling.

2. Cons: not free but worthwhile.

3. How to Use Windows Password Key to Reset Forgotten Windows 7 Password:

You are required to download and install Windows Password Key on an accessible computer.

Top 2: Ophcrack

Ophcrack is a popular Windows 7 password reset utility as well. It is especially suitable for users who don't have separate Windows user account. Read the following instructions and learn more about how to reset Windows 7 password without logging in.

1. Pros: free Windows 7 password reset software.

2. Cons: recovery limited to 14-character passwords; could get identified as malware mistakenly;
taking very long time (as long as one hour) to crack complicated passwords.

3. How to Use Ophcrack to Reset Laptop Windows 7 Password

Top 3: Offline NT Password and Registry Editor

This software has also obtained vast reputation because of its practical applicability. However, its operation is a little complicated and will cause encrypted data loss. Hurry to access data in your locked computer? Go back to Windows Password Key.

1. Pros: small ISO image

2. Cons: complicated operation; cause encrypted files loss; only crack text password

3. How to Use ONTP&RE:

Now the three prevailing Windows 7 password reset tools has been introduced to you. You can crack Windows 7 password freely. However, from my own perspective, I strongly recommend Windows Password Key, whether from its capability or from its difficulty of operation.

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