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Top 8 Ways to Get Free Wi-Fi Access Anywhere and at any Time

Your iPad is Wi-Fi-only, but if Verizon thinks that you're ponying up $10 a month just for the privilege of tethering it to your tablet, they've got another thing coming. Fact is, wireless Internet access is increasingly like potable water; with so much available for free, there's no reason to pay. You've just got to know where to look.

It seems, in fact, that there are many ways in which you can connect wirelessly to the Internet, almost anywhere…

Top 1. Get It Where You Shop

free wifi

A lot of businesses these days offer free Wi-Fi. You can start off by checking out the list of places you can get free Wi-Fi, as well as Wi-Fi friendly hotels and the #freewifi tag. You might be surprised at how many people actually offer it with no strings attached.

Top 2. Hotspot Databases & Hidden Networks

Use a hotspot database such as WeFi. They have a huge list of over 100 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world, including rural areas you might not expect. They've also got apps for iPhone and Android, so you can find the free hotspots and avoid the locked ones.

Top 3. Hidden Networks

If you aren't near a documented hotspot, that doesn't mean you can't sniff one out. Use sniffer software to detect hidden networks without password. If you're really lucky, you can find it. Just don't tell too many people, or they might start protecting their network.

Top 4. Loyalty Programs & Coupon Codes

If you are aware of a business (perhaps a shop, supermarket, coffee chain or hotel) that offers a loyalty card, it might be the case that they also offer free Internet as part of their rewards for your subscription. Furthermore, you might be lucky enough to find coupon codes for a free Wi-Fi when visiting a particular business.

Top 5. Cable/Telephone Companies Offer Free Hotspots

Five major cable providers—Bright House Networks, Cablevision, Comcast, Cox Communications, and Time Warner Cable—teamed up to provide a nationwide service for their combined user bases known as the CableWiFi network. This system allows all home cable internet subscribers to access the any of the five provider's Wi-Fi networks, regardless of whether or not it's their provider.

Top 6. MAC spoofing

This tactic is reserved for those who are more technologically savvy. Many Wi-Fi hotspots give you free access, but only for a few minutes or hours. To get around this you can simply spoof your MAC address to extend your time.

Top 7. Tether Your Phone

If you have a smartphone, one of the more obvious and useful options is to tether your 3G or 4G connection to your computer. You should use a tethering app, but they'll take a little preparation beforehand. iPhone users will have to jailbreak first, and Android users will have to root (but only for Wi-Fi tethering; USB tethering can be done without root access).

 free wifi access

Top 8. Break into Other's Wi-Fi Connection

If you don't want to buy a cup of coffee or surf in a fast food joint, you've still have one option—Hack into other's Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Password Key is a popular Wi-Fi Password recovery tool to crack both WEP and WPA passwords for any Wi-Fi connection.

You don't have to have an expensive 3G or 4G contract with your mobile phone or tablet to get Internet access outdoors. There are many ways to get free wireless networks for your benefit.

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