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Must-know Tutorials about how to Turn off Windows 7 Passwords

"Access Denied" is the last thing you want to see when you're using your Window 7 computer. However, they're not necessarily a dead end.

Let's take a look at a few ways for you to turn off Windows 7 password when you're trying to log onto a computer, network sharing, or denied because of password expired.

Turn off Windows 7 Login Password When you are Able to Login or not

Windows password is important to protect your files, emails from accessing by someone malicious. What if you forgot your Windows 7 password? You can remove Windows 7 password without knowing it as well. Windows Password Key is the most reliable tool you can use. It can turn off forgotten, lost or expired Windows 7 administrator and standard user password within several clicks.

Firstly, Download Windows 7 password turn off software.

turn off forgotten windows 7 password

If you can access to your system but security isn't a big issue for you, you can turn off logon password protection and automatically logon on to Windows without entering password.

Turn off Password Login on Windows 7 after Sleep

When your computer is idle for a time, it often reverts to "Sleep" mode to save battery life. But you are required to type in a password to access the machine when waking it up from Sleep mode. If you are looking to use "Sleep" mode simply to save power, and not to secure your computer, you can turn off "required password on wakeup".

Turn off Windows 7 Protected Sharing Password

You set a password to protect your shared files. If you want to temporarily allow someone without a user account to access shared files, printers or public folders, you can turn off password protected sharing in Windows 7.

Turn off Password Expiration in Windows 7

When you're trying to login Windows 7, but it notify you that your password will be expired in a few days and you must change it. Password expiration is a secure option to force you to change your password regularly when you share your computer with multiple users. If security is not the concern you can disable password expiration for a user in Windows 7.

disable password expiration windows 7

Warning: You can only do this while logged in as an administrator.

You will find a fix no matter you need to turn off Windows 7 login password, sleep password, sharing password or expiration password. Do you have any idea about this topic, just share with us below. Go to detailed tutorial on how to remove Windows 7 password.

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