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How to Reset Forgotten Windows 8 Picture/ PIN/ Text Password?

Being Microsoft's most secure operating system ever, Windows 8 introduces two new password types that you can use when logging into your Windows account: a four-digit PIN and a picture password. A PIN offers a faster way to log in, and a picture password gives you a more creative and fun way to do so. Well, regular password can't be neglected since it is still a must, such as when you need to reset your picture password or PIN password.

So you forgot Windows 8 password? Hey, it happens. Luckily, there are ways on Windows 8 Password reset including text password, picture password and PIN in detail.

Part I: How to Reset Windows 8 Administrator Password and User Password?

Windows Password Key is just Windows 8 password reset software that you can freely download and then use to either find the lost Windows 8 password, allowing you back in. Only with several steps you can finish the task. Here we take reset Windows 8 administrator password for example.

Part II: How to Reset Forgotten Windows 8 Picture Password?

If you forgot Windows 8 picture password that requires using the same gesture in the same order as the ones you created, do the following to unlock Windows 8 computer by using text password. Have no password? Refer how to reset Windows 8 password in Part I firstly.

Part III: How to Reset Lost Windows 8 PIN?

PIN is much easier and straightforward security method than others. The chances are you forgot these simple 4-digit, you need to use text password to login into Windows firstly, and then reset Windows 8 PIN with the following steps.

Note: No text password for your Windows 8? You should perform Windows 8 password reset by referring to the above steps at first.
Summary: Text password is the key password for your computer. No matter you need to reset Windows 8 picture password or reset Windows 8 PIN code, you must have this regular password at first. If you happen to forget your Windows 8 password, keep in mind, you can always turn to Windows 8 password reset tool for help.
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