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How to Restore Dell Laptop to Factory Settings without Admin Password

“Hello all, I’m wanting to restore laptop back to factory settings but I have no idea about the admin password. Is there a way or restoring factory settings without admin password? The laptop is Dell Inspiron running Windows 10. Thanks in advance.”

-from How-To Geek Forum

dell inspiron

Restoring a laptop to factory settings is such a headache from time to time, because it may contain the technical requirement or in some case, professional skills. However, as a matter of fact, as long as you follow the step by step instructions on how to reset Dell laptop to factory settings without admin password in this tutorial, you will change your mind and understand that it is quite simple and easy to restore. The below ways are adaptive to all Dell laptops, such as Dell Inspiron, Latitude, XPS, Alienware and Chromebook.

Note: To restore Dell laptop to factory settings, all of the data will be lost. Consequently, you had better backup them at first. Apart from this, if you forgot administrator password but still would like to factory reset the laptop, Windows Password Key is able to remove or reset login password without data loss.

Part 1. Restore Dell Laptop to Factory Settings for Windows 10/8.1

For Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users, there are 2 methods you can get to restore Dell laptop to factory settings. Take note that after the restoring, all of your data in Dell laptop will be gone. Consequently, you should backup important data.

Method 1. Restore Dell Laptop to Factory Settings with Troubleshoot

Step 1. Restart your laptop while pressing “Shift” key. Then it will take you to the troubleshoot screen automatically.

choose an option

Step 2. You are going to see a new blue screen. Just tap on “Reset your PC” and click Next. Then the system will restart.


Step 3. In the “Reset your PC” screen, click “Just remove my files” option.

 reset your pc

Step 4. It will appear another window and ready to go. Just click “Reset” button to confirm.

 reset your pc ready

Method 2. Factory Reset Dell Laptop with Dell Backup and Recovery Application

Try to use Dell Backup and Recovery software to backup and restore data in your laptop. The Premium edition even allows you to back up your system files and restore everything.

Step 1.Download Dell Backup and Recovery Application from official Dell website and then install, launch it from your computer.

Dell backup and recovery

Note: If you download the Premium version, then its interface will like this.
 dell backup and recovery premium edition

Step 2. Tap on the “Backup” option and enter “System Backup Creation”. Then click “Backup Now” to back up your data.

system backup creation

Step 3. Click “Recovery” from the main interface. Reboot your laptop. As it boots, press “Ctrl + F8” key to enter “Advanced” settings. Choose “Troubleshoot”, there will be an option shows “Dell Backup and Recovery”. The follow the rest guideline to restore Dell to factory setting.

Dell backup and recovery

Part 2. Reset Dell Laptop to Factory Settings for Windows 7/Vista/XP

Before doing the restoring, you had better backup the important data and materials in the Dell laptop on account of data loss in this way.

Step 1. Restart the laptop and take away any other things from it, such as printer, mobile phone and tablet, USB flash drive, scanner, modern, network cables, etc. The monitor, keyboard and mouse is needed.

Step 2. When the Dell logo comes out on the computer screen, press F8 instantly for about 5 times to access the “Advanced Boot Options” menu.

Note: If you can’t see the “Advanced Boot Options”, hold off until the Windows login interface appears. Then power off the laptop and boot it again. Repeat Step 2.
dell laptop logo

Step 3. In the Advanced Boot Options, use the Arrow Down key to move to “Repair Your Computer” menu. After that, press “Enter” key. The “System Recovery Options” screen will appear.

advanced boot options

Step 4. In the System Recovery Options, select a language and a keyboard input method. Then you need to click “Next” button.

select keyboard input method

Step 5. Then the administrator login prompt will turn out, if you remember the password, type it, if you have no clue about the password, use Windows Password Key to remove or reset it. Then click “OK” to continue.

enter admin password

Step 6. Choose “Dell Factory Image Restore” and click “Next” Then click “OK”. The “Dell Factory Image Restore” menu will display.

system recovery options

Note: For different motherboard, you may see different options. If you can’t figure out Dell Factory Image Restore, just click “Dell DataSafe Restore and Emergency Backup” and click “Restart” on the bottom right of the window.

dell datasafe restore and emergency backup

Step 7. The “Confirm Data Deletion” screen will come out. Click the check box in front of “Yes, Reformat Hard Drive and Restore System Software to Factory Condition” and hit “Next”.

confirm data deletion

Step 8. When the restoring is finished, it will prompt “Success”. Then you can hit “Finish”. You Dell laptop will be reboot.

restoring factory settings

That’s all the directions about how to reset Dell laptop to factory settings without administrator password. Have you understood them? By the way, it is well-known that we are able to create a login password for Dell Inspiron/Latitude/XPS/Alienware/Chromebook laptop, unfortunately once you lost that Dell laptop admin login password seriously, Windows Password Key is your best Windows password recovery reinforcements.

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