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Best 5 Things to Do with Old Computer

Most of us have an old computer of different kinds. And you may not want to use the computer as it gets solder and slower. For some extent, a bunch files on the old PC or laptop are still important for you and your families, hence you don’t want to throw it away.

To solve such needs many users may come across, we’d like to show you 5 ways to make best of an old computer. Hence you will enjoy doing more work or task with your aged computer by the following instructions.

Method 1: Master of One Trade
Method 2: Upgrade It
Method 3: Clean and Optimize PC
Method 4: Home Entertainment Center
Method 5: Arts and Crafts

Method 1: Master of One Trade

One of the things to do with old PC is to master of a trade. One way to get more life out of your old PC is to limit its use to a specific purpose. My old laptop isn’t good for much anymore. It's six years old and runs about as fast as molasses moves downhill. Since what I wanted to do with it eats RAM crazily. I cleared out all the programs I didn’t need. And I mean all the programs, which means nothing can run in the background and swallow processing power. Now I use it for only 2 art programs, and only one at a time. The best part is that these programs don’t eat space on my new laptop. This is a great method for keeping old programs and an old computer, whether you use drawing programs, design programs, photo editing, or even digital scrapbooking.

Method 2: Upgrade It

Now, if your computer's not too old, upgrading it is a healthy and viable option. And it's also a great way to acquaint yourself with the guts of your machine. There are several places around the Web to buy parts and learn how to put them together. If you’ve got the time and a bit of spare cash, why not rebuild that computer gathering dust in the corner. There are extensive reviews on just about whatever you can cram into it.

Method 3: Clean and Optimize PC

Other things to do with an old computer are to keep it clean, run fast and trouble-free. Just with few clicks, you are allowed to clean registry and junk files from your PC, and can protect your privacy from being risked and get best performance on your PC. Windows Care Genius is such the world-class PC cleanup and speedup tool to make you use the best of your old PC without abandon. This tool will optimize your computer stability and overall performance, giving you faster PC enjoyments, downloads, uploads, web surfing and more.

things to do with an old computer

Method 4: Home Entertainment Center

Most computers built in the past 10 years have DVD or CD burners, hard drives, USB slots, and multi-media systems for music, videos, and pictures. Why throw all that out? Convert it into a home media center instead! This essentially involves wiping your computer of anything not relevant to music and movies then putting all your media on it movies, music, pictures, or what have you. If you’d like, you could even use your home theatre system to help out.

What you need is the S cable, an audio cable, a computer/TV compatible with the S cable system. Plug the S cable gets into the video slot on both the TV and the computer. If you find yourself in need of visual aid, here is a handy guide for you. Next, open the Properties dialog box by right clicking your desktop and select settings. Find you TV and you’re finished. Congratulations, you now have access to all your media from your television.

Method 5: Arts and Crafts

But if you have no idea how do use the control panel, or rig a server, or even what the term RAM means, fret not. There is a healthy, eco-friendly alternative: art. Yes, that kind of art.

Open that bad boy up and disassemble it. Then reassemble your PC into whatever you’d like it to be. You can make a dinosaur or a “painting.” It’s up to you. Heck, you could even build a birdhouse out of parts. Instructables has lots and lots (and lots!) of tutorials for making something useful out of your old tech. The book 62 Projects to Make With a Dead Computer can give you some good ideas as well.

That’s all the tricks for what to do with your old PC. Take the reference into consideration and then make good use of your PC as well!

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