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1. PC Checkup: Check, Speed up & Optimize Your Computer

Does your computer get slower over time? Does your computer take longer time to startup? If you want to how to improve performance and fix stuck on your aged Windows PC/desktop. PC Checkup surprises you, which can scan, clean, assess and optimize your computer to the best performance after one click. Do as the following instructions.

Step1. Click Clean to checkup and assess your computer’s heath statues. Then your computer will be detected automatically and rated ranging 10 from 0.

optimize computer

Step2. All the scanned junk files will be listed. You can click Fix to fix and optimize problems that may slow your computer. After that, you also are allowed to click Checkup again under Fix to check its heath statues again.

speed up computer
Tips 1. Your PC’s heath status is marked 10 - 0
10. Congratulations to you. Your PC is keeping the best performance.
9 - 5. It shows your computer need to take care and it needs basic cleanup and repair.
4 - 1. Terrible! Your PC needs an urgent repair at once.
rate pc health
Tips 2. Schedule Task: set up regular cleanup
You are allowed to switch on Clean up your computer regularly in the lower-left corner and set Run Type, Day and Times to automatically clean and optimize your computer. Also you can tick Silent mode to run it in the background.
timely check computer
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