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Top 6 Ways to Increase Your Windows Laptop's Battery Life

improve laptop battery

Watching the life drain from your laptop when you are working on the go? You must get sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. This problem plagues most laptops as they tend to lose their battery capacity over time. So what can you do to squeeze out a few extra minutes (or even a few extra hours) of battery life? With a few minutes worth of simple changes, you can easily get your work done without constantly looking for the nearest power outlet.

1. Reduce Screen Brightness

The biggest battery drain on a laptop is the display. Keep the brightness as low as possible. On a typical laptop, you generally hold the Function (Fn) key and press the brightness buttons on your laptop keyboard. The lower the brightness level, the longer you can use your laptop on battery power.

2. Turn off backlit Keyboards

If your notebook has a backlit keyboard, it will certainly help you see keys in a dark room, but it's also sucking juice out of your battery. If you also have keyboard backlighting, turn it off.

3. Disable Unneeded External Devices

Some devices constantly draw power from your laptop, for example external device plugged in the USB port, CDs, DVDs, Blue-rays, wireless capabilities like built-in data modems, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth radio. Disable them if you don't need them.

4. Slim Down Startup Programs, Use Lighter Software

To save power, make your computer do less in general:

5. Turn off Visual Effects

Such visual effects as Aero glass, showing window contents while dragging, and slide-out-menus tax your CPU and, by extension, your battery. Disable these effects in the following steps.

6. Hibernate instead of Sleep

When you close the lid on your laptop and put it to sleep, the computer is still sending some power to RAM and motherboard. Except some newer lightweight notebooks such as the ASUS ZenBook UX31 use little power during sleep, but most notebooks suck down quite a bit of juice unless they're completely powered off.

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