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Top 4 Windows 8.1 Problems and Fixes

Windows 8.1 finally was released. Many users can't wait to upgrade to Windows 8.1. During using brand new Windows operating systems – Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1, many users have experienced problems.

On this page, we collect some serious bugs and update issues for your reference and provide potential solutions.

windows 8.1 problems

Windows RT 8.1 BSOD

May users reported that Windows RT 8.1 gets the Blue Screen of Death or Boot Configuration Data file errors after installation. The problem is so severe that Microsoft has decided to pull the Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store and didn't say when a patched version of the update will be available.

You can't repair devices by yourself, so Microsoft has released a Surface RT recovery image to help restore tablet to working order.

Windows 8.1 Installation Snags on Drives

Some users said Windows demanded them to uninstall "Sentinel Runtime Drivers" before the installation could process, but there was no obvious ways to removing them via the "Add/Remove Programs" Facility. There is no official solution to fix this issue at present.

SkyDrive Files Available "Online only"

If you'd sync desktop files on your computer with SkyDrive before installing Windows 8.1, you will discover SkyDrive folder now marked as available "online only".

To avoid any confusion, open Windows Explorer, right click on "SkyDrive" in the left-hand pane and click "Make available offline". All your files should now be synchronised locally, if they weren't already.

Limited Update Path from Windows 8.1 Preview

Actually, it's not a bug. For those who installed Windows 8.1 Preview, you have to reinstall all your desktop and Windows Store apps after you updating to Windows 8.1 final.

To save your time, you can copy the desktop program's installer and re-install your programs after the upgrade. If you use Steam for PC games, you can copy your Steam folder to a backup location and then restore it without re-downloading your games.

If you have any issue when using Windows 8.1, don't hesitate to share with us. We will discuss any possible fix with you.

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