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The Best 5 Alternative Start Menus for Windows 10

The Windows 10 Start Menu is a mixture of the Windows 8 Metro tiles and the Windows 7 menu. But not everyone is happy with the new start menu. If you want a major overhaul, the best 5 alternative Start Menus for Windows 10 picked up for you based on user interviews will just come in handy.

Start Menu Replacer for Windows 10: At a Glance

Name Price Supported Windows OS Download Page
Classic Shell Free Windows 10/8.1./8/7/Vista/XP, Windows server Download Now
Start Menu 8 Free Windows 10/8.1./8/7/Vista/XP Download Now
Power8 Free Windows 10/8.1./8/7/XP Download Now
Start10 $4.99 Windows 10 Download Now
StartIsBack $2.99 Windows 10/8.1./8 Download Now

Start Menu Replacer for Windows 10: Details

Classic Shell (Version 4.3.0)

best windows 10 start menu alternative

Classic Shells is recognized as the best Start Menu replacement for windows 10. It collects several features that enhances the usability of Windows and allows you to set the Start Menuin your own way. It not only allows to bring back the classic Windows 7 Start Menu in Windows 10, but also includes many handy functions, just to name a few:

bring back the classic windows 7 start menu in windows 10 with classic shell

Start Menu 8 (Version 3.1.0)

windows 10 start menu alternative

Developed by IObit, Start Menu 8 is designed for Windows users to bring back the classic Start Menu back in Windows 10 and 8. Additionally, it has other tools for Windows desktop customization. This tools enable you to pin and organize favorite apps and websites for easier search, access hidden system features (e.g. safe mode and power options) in one click, easily change taskbar (including Color, alpha), etc.

Power8 (Version 1.5.5)

beststart menu replacement for windows 10

If you are looking for a Start menu program that doesn’t patch system files and add entries in the Windows Registry, Power8 should be the Start Menu replacer for Windows 10 you need. Small and not good-looking as it is, it never fails to satisfy your needs. You can even completely disable Metro apps so you never have to deal with them again. Plus, Power8 require no installation.

Note: If your Windows PC gets sluggish because of all the registry entries, junk files, invalid shortcuts, download history, etc., you’d better get it cleaned and secured.The utility I currently use is Windows Care Genius.

Reference: How to Health Check Windows 10 for Best Performance

Start10(Version 1.50)

best alternatives for windows 10 start menu

Start 10 is from Stardock and bears quite a lot of resembles to Start Menu 8 (from IObit). It allows you to choose between the classic and enhanced start menu. The latest version offers a lot of custom Start Buttons, Translucency effect for the Start Menu, and a lot of other customizations, which make the Start Menu look exactly like Windows 7’s. And it also has a lot of Start Button icons.

StartIsBack(Version 3.1.0, for Windows 10)

start menu replacements for windows 10

Originally made for Windows 8, StartIsBack now has updated for Windows 10. It makes your Start Menu both resemble and function like the Start Menu in Windows 7, with a whole lot more additional options that’ll let it match Windows 10’s user interface (UI) more closely. These functions include larger taskbar icons, immersive context menus, live badges for modern Windows apps and lower CPU usage.

There got to be one Start Menu alternative that suites you, even if it’s not listed above. If it’s true with you, leave us a comment and tell us what your best Windows 10 Start Menu alternative is.

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