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[SOLVED] Unable to Sign into Microsoft Account on Windows 10

A Microsoft Account is a very big and essential part of the latest Operating System Windows 10. So, it goes without saying, if for any reason you are unable to enter your Microsoft account; it will is indeed tragic. It will definitely cause a lot of damage; you can even lose all of your settings, purchased apps, and other valuable data. Various users have reported this problem that they are unable to sign in to Microsoft account Windows 10 and this article is specifically dedicated to this particular issue. So, let’s get started…

Solution 1: Basic Steps of Recovery

These basic recovery actions are also provided by Microsoft and if for any reason you are unable to enter your account, they will definitely work. Like if are blocked by Microsoft for some reason. In that case try to find out the reason and search for the solution. In case you have forgotten your password you just need to follow the Microsoft’s instructions to recover your password. Here’s how you can do it:

This will change or create a new password.

Solution 2: Make a Brand New User Account

Are you experiencing Windows 10 login with Microsoft account disable? You might solve this issue just by creating a brand new user account. We recommend that you go for Windows Password Key Enterprise/Ultimate to create your account fast and headache free. The Windows Password Key software is capable of creating new admin accounts in minutes thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface. Here’s how you can get a new account:

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This will reset the computer and you will have a fresh new account on start up. Apart from creating new admin accounts, it can also reset and recover accounts as well.

Solution 3: Check your Antivirus

Many of the users have complained that sometimes the Antivirus can interfere with the Operating System, and this may result in a locked Microsoft Account. So, to fix this issue you need to remove the Antivirus currently activated on your PC. If removing it solves the problem then it is the end of it; if it is not, look for other solutions. Here’s how you can uninstall or disable your antivirus software.

This will remove your antivirus from your PC.

Solution 4: Change Group Policy Settings

Even after providing the correct information if your Windows 10 can't sign into Microsoft account, then you need to look for complicated solutions, like the Group Policy Settings.

Here’s how:

This process only applies if your account was somehow blocked by Group Policies.

Solution 5: Registry Edit

This is another solution which is a little out of the box. This time we will try to fix the problem with a registry fix. The procedure is mentioned below…

Solution 6: Check if your Account is Hacked

You may think that is impossible, but you have no idea how many security risks are out there on the internet now. If there is a chance that your Microsoft account has been hacked, then make a thorough security check and find out. If you find out that it is hacked then take immediate actions like changing your resetting your password, recovering your Microsoft account etc.

Solution 7: Look for Latest Updates

Sometimes when you are having problems, it can be easily fixed by simply installing the new updates. Actually, Windows 10 gets updated automatically but in the past, you may have skipped a few updates which were actually important. So, to recover from that, do the following…

After following the procedure, Windows will check if there are any updates available and then they will be installed on your PC. Then restart your computer.

Solution 8: Check Credentials

Now, if you can't login to computer Windows 10, then it might be possible that your credentials are corrupted. Go through the following steps to fix this problem…

This is a very easy procedure, in the end you just need to restart your computer and then you should be able to log-in to your Microsoft account.

So, here are some effective solutions if you are experiencing issues like “Windows 10 won't let me sign into my Microsoft account”. Follow these solutions carefully, and we hope it will solve your problem.

If you can’t login to your Windows account, you can reset your password using the Windows Password Key software and try logging in again. This is a specially designed tool that can reset login passwords for both administrator and user accounts without reformatting the system. It is very effective, fast and supports all versions of Windows that includes Windows 7,8,10 etc.

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