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How to Turn Off Metered Connection on Windows 10

Metered network connection on Windows 10 is a great feature to save data on your computer. Once it’s enabled, Windows won’t attempt to download operating system upgrades and the applications are kept from checking background services. However, sometimes you may want to disable metered connection on Windows 10 in order to receive some updates or allow the access of some applications. This post will show you 2 methods to turn off Windows 10 metered connection option easily.

Note: Before you start, make sure you know where you have manage your data as unmetered, you may want to turn it back in the near features if you feel the too much data is taken up.

Way 1: Change Windows 10 Metered Connection in Settings

Way 2: Disable Windows 10 Update Metered Connection from Registry Key

Way 1: Change Windows 10 Metered Connection in Settings

The simplest way to turn off metered connection on Windows 10 Cellular/Ethernet is from Settings. Here are the steps:

Way 2: Disable Windows 10 Update Metered Connection from Registry Key

If the method above doesn’t work for you, try to change the settings of metered connection from the registry key editor.

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By far, we’ve learnt how to disable metered connection in Windows 10 clearly. If you still have any other questions like Windows 10 metered connection missing, greyed out or not available, don’t hesitate to contact us by commenting below.

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