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The Top 3 Methods to Back Up Windows 10 PC

If you use a Windows PC for work, you have likely stored your important work documents on your computer. With these documents and data stored on your PC, it’s important that you keep your data safe and secure. Data loss can happen anytime and so it’s highly advised that you make a full backup of your Windows 10 system. It will help you when things go haywire as you can restore your computer using one of the backups and it will start to work normally as it did before.

Let’s see how you can create a Windows 10 system backup.

Section 1. Create a System Image Backup of Windows 10 (Make a Full Backup of Windows 10)

In this section, you’ll learn how to create system image Windows 10. With this full backup of your Windows 10, you will always have your most important data saved as a backup with you. It’s quite easy to make such a backup and the following steps should help you learn how to do it:

You will be asked to create a repair disc which is an optional step if you want to do. The backup wizard should have created a full backup including all the files you have stored on your PC.

If anything ever goes wrong in future, you can use the above created full backup to restore all the files on your Windows 10 PC.

Section 2. Back up Windows 10 Files Using File History

If you are concerned about the safety of the files on your PC, you should consider using the File History feature to create a backup of your important files on your PC. With the steps given below, you should be able to create a File History backup effortlessly.

The folder should be added to the list and it will be backed up as per the File History feature’s configuration settings. You can change the frequency of backups using the dropdown menu on the Backup screen. That was one more way for you to learn how to backup computer Windows 10.

Section 3. Create a System Restore Point on Windows 10

While system restore points don’t backup any files, they let you restore your computer to the last working state which could be useful in many cases. Say your computer’s not functioning properly, then you can use one of the system restore points to roll the system back on your PC.

Here’s how to create a system restore point in Windows 10:

Your computer will begin to create a system restore point and you will be notified when the point has been successfully created. From now on, if your computer ever becomes unstable and doesn’t work properly, you can restore your computer to the above created restore point and it will start to function normally.

Extra Tip: How to Restore A System Image Backup Of Windows 10

If the situation has arrived and you need to restore the system image backup of your Windows 10 PC, the following steps should help you do that. It’s fairly easy and you should be done in a few minutes if you follow the steps to the letter.

It will start restoring all the data from your system image backup to your PC. Wait for it to do that and when it’s done, you will have restored everything you had in the backup on your computer.

Data loss is an important issue and another common issue is forgetting user passwords. If you ever forget the password of your user account, you can’t log-in to your system and so can’t access any of your files. Fortunately, there’s an app called 4WinKey that helps users like you to recover the forgotten Windows 10 passwords on your computer.

While there may be several other Windows 10 backup and restore methods, the above ones are sure to help you out with your backup needs. Plus, they are extremely easy to use and are easily accessible to everyone.

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