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Top 3 Ways to Resolve the NVIDIA Control Panel Launch Issues on Windows 10

If you face the issue of NVIDIA Control Panel not opening on Windows 10, then perhaps you are in trouble as you cannot modify any of your NVIDIA settings without first opening the control panel. While the issue may not occur too often, but when it does, it puts you in trouble as there’s simply no way for you to access your NVIDIA configuration without that panel.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to resolve the issue on your Windows 10 computer. Once you have applied any of these fixes, you should be able to access the NVIDIA Control Panel on your computer. Let’s see what these fixes are and how you can apply them to your system:

Fix 1. Restart your NVIDIA Control Panel Process

As suggested by numerous technicians for other issues on your computer, you should try restarting the NVIDIA Control Panel on your computer. Sometimes a quick thing like restarting the panel does the job and lets you access your panel. It’s quite easy to restart the panel and the following steps show exactly how to do that:

Now that the NVIDIA Control Panel has been closed, re-open it on your computer and you should find that it works well now. If there were any issues with the app, those should be fixed now.

If the NVIDIA Control Panel not working Windows 10 problem persists even after trying the above method, you may want to update the drivers for the panel using the following section.

Fix 2. Update the NVIDIA Graphics Driver from Device Manager

It’s highly recommended that you keep your drivers up to date always to avoid any kind of issues on your computer. If you have not updated the NVIDIA drivers on your PC for a while, you should do that, and it may fix the issue you are facing with the Control Panel on your system. The following steps should teach you how to update drivers on your PC:

The utility will begin to update the drivers for the selected device on your computer. Wait while it grabs the required drivers and installs them on your computer for you. Once it’s done, restart your machine and you should be able to access the NVIDIA Control Panel without a hitch on your computer.

Now you know how to open NVIDIA Control Panel Windows 10 without any issues.

Fix 3. Restart and Modify NVIDIA Display Driver Service

If the above two fixes did not work for you and you are looking for more help, this section should provide you one more way to fix the issue on your computer. Basically, what you will be doing in this section is you will be restarting the NVIDIA Display Driver Service so that the issues related to it can be fixed.

Here’s how you can go about restarting and modifying NVIDIA Display Driver Service:

Having made above changes, you should be able to open the NVIDIA Control Panel on your Windows 10 system. It will never say it can't open NVIDIA Control Panel Windows 10 as you have applied all the possible fixes to your computer.

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The above guide should help you access the NVIDIA Control Panel on your Windows 10 computer. However, if it is an NVIDIA Control Panel missing Windows 10 problem, then you should go ahead and obtain it from the NVIDIA’s official website.

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