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How to Fix Windows 10 Boot to a Black Screen

Microsoft released the free new Windows 10 system. Everyone could make free reservation and upgrade to the new system. Many users are facing the compatible problems with the new Windows 10, such asblue screen, system crash, a black screen and more. Today, I will show you how to fix Windows 10 bootup to a black screen.

Solution 1: Repair Your System with Windows Boot Genius.

With this Windows system fix tool. You can easily solve almost all the system problems. To get start, download Windows Boot Genius and launch it after install.

Solution 2: Turn Off Fast Startup.

Fast startup (so called hybrid boot) is the default setting that helps your computer startup faster after shutdown. According to Microsoft community statement, the boot speed of windows 10 will be influenced by the compatible of drivers. So it is effective to avoid the black screen by close the fast startup.

To do so, you can go into control panel and find power options, then click on “choose what the power button does” in left, finally uncheck the “Turn on fast startup”.

close win10 fast startup

Solution 3: Reinstall Graphic Driver in Safe Mode.

First, download your computer graphic driver to your hard disk. Restart your computer and entering safe mode, uninstall the graphic diver (feel easy for the screen flicker in reinstall process),then install the downloaded graphic diver.

uninstall graphic driver in win 10

Solution 4: Enter Windows 10 Just Like You Have No Monitor.

This “wonderful”method is suit for those who got stuck with black screen when install Windows 10. To finished Windows 10 install procedure, your computer may restart. When it comes to the login screen, you will see nothing but a mouse cursor, now assume that you have seen the Win10 login screen, you can just press the “Alt” key to move the cursor to the password box and tap your password then press “Enter”. Unbelievable! You can do all of this blindly. Wait about a few minutes, your computer will go into the desktop after the user account initialize.

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