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Top 5 Ways to Open Windows 10 Explorer

A new web browser, which named Microsoft Edge have made its debut along with release of Windows 10, which is designed to be the default internet app of operating system. However, some users still prefer to use the one they are familiar with. Now in this guide we show you how to open windows 10 explorer from CMD as well as other ways.

Part 1: How to Open Windows 10 Explorer

This part helps you learn more methods to access Explorer on Windows 10 computer. Here we take Internet Explorer as an example.

Method 1: Open Windows 10 Explorer Using Start Menu Search

To open Internet Explorer, you need to type Internet Explorer in Start menu search box or taskbar search box and then click on Enter key. You can also type I E in Start menu search box and then press Enter key to open the same.

start menu

Method 2: Open Windows Explorer from CMD

The Windows 10 Internet Explorer browser can also be opened from Command Prompt. In the Command Prompt, type "c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore" and then press Enter key to quickly access Internet Explorer browser.


Method 3: Open Windows 10 Explorer from Command Box

If the Start menu is not opening or the search is not working, you can use the Run command box to quickly open Internet Explorer.

Method 4: Pin Windows 10 Explorer to Start Menu or Taskbar

You can Pin Internet Explorer icon to the taskbar or Start menu using the steps below, This will make it easy to access explorer whenever you would like to use it.

Method 5: Open Windows 10 Explorer from File Explorer

Actually, you can launch Internet Explorer or any other program right from the File Explorer using the address bar.

To open Internet Explorer from Windows Explorer address bar, type IExplore in the address box, and then press Enter key.

file explorer

Part 2: How to Create a Desktop Shortcut for Explorer

Here we will show you an additional tip. There's an easy way to get the Internet Explorer back on your desktop so that you can open explorer more directly and easily.

If you cannot open internet explorer in Mcrosoft edge on Windows 10 or launch Explorer with listed methods above, it may be because Windows 10 Internet Explorer is disabled. If you are annoyed with Windows 10 and want to downgrade your operating system, Refer to our An Easy Way to Downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 8.1 guide for detailed instructions.

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