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Top 3 Ways to Fix Boot Loop in Windows 10

Some users reported that their PCs stuck in an endless boot loop after updating to Windows 10. Generally speaking, the computer's boot loop issue is the result of a device drive, if there is something wrong with your hardware or system, then your computer will restart again and again. Here we will offer 3 ways to fix windows 10 stuck in a boot loop.

Solution 1: Refresh Your PC to Fix Windows 10 Boot Loop

To fix Windows boot loop issue, you can try the following steps. Since it has worked well on Windows 8 so hopefully it works on 10.

You need to get to the Advanced Options in order to get the Refresh Option. This will keep your data but any programs installed will be lost. Do not do a Reset as that will wipe everything.

Solution 2: Remove Bad Registry Entry to Fix Windows 10 Reboot Loop

The corrupt registry entry will affect the performance of Windows 10. Hence, you can attempt to remove those bad registry entries to fix reboot loop in Windows 10 after update.

After all these steps, you computer will be able to reboot normally without any problems anymore. And you can then enjoy the new Windows 10 features now.

There is another way can be used to get rid of bad registry entry, that is using a professional third-party program-- Windows Care Genius whose feature registry cleaner is capable of removing invalid registry entries off your computer within a couple of clicks.

Solution 3: Fix Windows Boot Loop with Windows Boot Genius

You can get access to the operating system, but it keeps restarting randomly. That is caused by the bad computer memory, corrupted software or malware, etc. You can fix the boot loop issue with the help of Windows Boot Genius.

The "Windows 10 endless boot loop" issue is really annoying and it can make your computer almost unusable. Although this is a tough error, we hope you've managed to fix it by using one of our solutions.

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