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Windows 10 Security Update (KB3132372) Crashes App, How to Do?

December 29, 2015, Microsoft officially released the KB3132372 patch for Windows 10 security. Mostly it is used to update for vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player in IE 10 and IE 11 in Windows 8, 8.1, RT, Server 2012, Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. Then problems come after users installed the update on Windows 10 machines. Some users report the update KB3132372 for Windows 10 security gets apps crash, like the update crashed Skype with an exception code 0x8000000, among other issues with other apps. No worries. Here we offer the solution for you to fix that apps are crashed after install update KB 3132372.

fix windows security crashes app

Solution: Uninstall Windows Update KB3132372

Uninstalling the update has been reported to fix the crashes related to Adobe flash after Windows 10 security update (KB3132372). You’d better leave ridiculous Windows 10 updates policy alone, which does not allow users to disable Windows Updates, in the name of safety. In fact, it doesn’t work at all. So follow those steps to uninstall the update KB3132372 and prevent annoyed crashes.

1. Press the Windows + I together to launch the Settings (Or click on Start > Settings)
2. Type in Windows Updates in the textbook at the top right corner
3. Tap on the searched result which says View Installed Updates. Windows Updates Control Panel option will be opened.
4. Scroll down and highlight the Windows Update KB3132372 and right-click on it. Then select Uninstall
5. After that, you can reboot the computer for the change to take effect.

fix windows update security

Tips: Specific Links to Download Windows 10 Security Update

Even I don’t think you’d better install the windows 10 flash patch kb 3132372, it can be fixed with next-round update. That moment, it can be useful for you. Or your machine is not affected. Here I sort out all the download link for you and you can click the link in the following table that corresponds to the version of Windows that you are using.

1. Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 8.1 (KB3132372)
Download the Windows8.1 – KB3132372-x86.msu package now.
2. Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 8.1 x64-based (KB3132372)
Download the Windows8.1 – KB3132372-x64.msu package now.
3. Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 8 (KB3132372)
Download the Windows8-RT-KB3132372-x86.msu package now.
4. Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows 8x64-based systems (KB3132372)
Download the Windows8-RT-KB3132372-x64.msu package now.
5. Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows Server 2012 (KB3132372)
Download the Windows8-RT-KB3132372-x64.msu package now.
6. Update for Internet Explorer Flash Player for Windows Server 2012 R2 (KB3132372)
Download the Windows8.1-KB3132372-x64.msu package now.

kb3132372 crashes apps

Hopefully, this article can help you get out of trouble caused by windows 10 adobe flash player patch. If you have any problem, you are welcomed to leave it in the comment section.

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