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How to Use Ophcrack on Windows 7 for Password Reset

Forgot your Windows 7 login password? Oh, it's really a common but depressing issue. The well-known solution must be reformatting your Windows 7 operating system and then get back the access to your PC. However, you will lose all of the files and data stored in your own PC. So here is the problem: how to get free Windows 7 password reset?

Ophcrack will be introduced to you if you search for free solution. It is a free Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables, which can be used on Windows 8/7/Vista/2008/2003/2000. As for the detailed instructions on how to use Ophcrack on Windows 7 for password reset, keep reading.

Download Ophcrack from Website

Go to Ophcrack website to download Vista free live CD: http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/

However, Ophcrack Vista free live CD only applies to Windows password combined with less than 5 numbers. If you want to recover longer password with characters, you have to choose more advanced Windows Password Recovery.

use ophcrack on windows 7 password reset

Select the Correct Vista Live CD

After clicking to download the software, you need to choose from the different versions of Live CD. Here choose "Ophcrack Vista/7 Live CD".

ophcrack usb windows 7

Download and Burn ISO File

Ophcrack will download Live CD ISO file automatically, Just choose to "Download File" or "Save to Disk".

ophcrack usb windows 7

Boot PC from Ophcrack Live CD

Insert Ophcrack live CD into your computer; Restart computer and Click DEL or F2 or other keys Windows system setup into BIOS setting option. Select CD-ROM as the first boot disk. And then save the changes and restart your computer again.

Recover Windows 7 Password

Ophcrack will find forgotten Windows 7 password automatically for you. Then the password will be found in a list. Here get into your Windows 7 PC with this password.

This is how to use Ophcrack on Windows 7 for password recovery. At the same time, if Ophcrack can't find the forgotten Windows 7 password successfully, leave to have a look.

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