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2 Options to Reset Directory Service Restore Mode Password in Windows Server 2012 (R)/2008 (R)/2003 (R)

What is DSRM?

Directory Service Restore Mode (DSRM) is a boot mode on a Domain Controller for repairing and restoring Active Directory data. You have to use DSRM to login locally on a Domain Controller if there is a need to repair or restore Active Directory database.

The DSRM password is set during the process of promoting member server to a Domain Controller. Your Domain Controller's Directory Services Restore Mode password is among the most powerful logins on any Windows network. If your DSRM password is cracked by others, they can copy and change the Active Directory database, and reboot the server.

If you forgot the password, you'd better reset Directory Services Restore Mode password as soon as possible.

How to Reset DSRM Password?

Here I will share two options to reset forgotten DSRM password on your Windows Server 2012 (R)/2008 (R)/2003 (R).

1. Reset DSRM Password with Ntdsutil

Ntdsutil utility is a free nice solution to a forgotten local DSRM administrator password. However, it just works for Windows Server 2003 and later. Just follow the detailed instructions as below:

2. Use Windows Password Key Program

Windows Password key standard can be free downloaded to crack DSRM password (including administrator password) with just a few clicks. No special skills needed. Remember to choose the Enterprise version.

Now, you have removed your forgotten Directory Service Restore Mode password successfully.

Either option you choose, you can achieve your goal. Additionally, Windows Password Key can also used for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP local password cracker.

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