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How to Unlock Windows Phone Passcode

"I was locked myself out of Windows phone, Nokia and now work nothing. Can a Windows Phone be hacked?"
"I have a Nokia that not used for many years and totally forgot passcode. Is there any way to unlock nokia Windows phone without password?"

Comparing with iOS and Android, Windows Phone is less popular in the terms of the number of users; however its business-orientation style also attracts a large number of users. Nevertheless, inevitably many Windows Phone users also are subject to get into trouble of password forgotten and be locked out of Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Snapchat, Windows Phone. On the basis of such a dilemma, here I sort out two methods to Windows phone password reset.

Method1. To Crack Windows Phone Password by Hard Reset

Frankly speaking, once your phone is locked by forgotten password, there is no way to use soft reset to bypass the locked screen but hard reset. However one of shortcoming to hard reset is to risk data loss on your Phone. As soon as successful hard reset, you phone will be reset to factory settings and the data erased completely. If you are luckily enough to have it backed up before, this doesn't matter to you at all.

Method2. To Hack Windows Phone Password Online

Like Windows computer Microsoft Password recovery, Microsoft, Inc allows its users to perform Windows phone password recovery online. One of the features of Find My Phone on Windows Phone site is to remove everything from smartphone, exactly including password, therefore you can erase or reset phone remotely by logging into Windows Phone account on computer.

Go to Windows Phone – Find My Phone and log into your Windows account that you used on your Windows Phone, and its corresponding password such as Microsoft, Hotmail, Xbox, Outlook. Then you will see the option to Erase your Phone. Click that and Microsoft will send a message to your Phone to erase. Slide down notification and click Message. Then you can remove password from windows Phone.

If the 2 methods above fail to unlock Windows Phone after forgetting password, you'd better go to store that you bought phone in for help. If you find another way that can be applied to unlock Windows Phone password without losing data, please leave it under the comment section to share with others. Thank you.

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