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How Do I Switch between Windows 8 and Mac OS X

Install Windows 8 on your Mac and hope to switch between Windows 8 and Mac freely? This article will be divided into two parts to show you the detailed steps to switch between your Mac OS X and Windows 8:

Part 1. How to Switch from Windows 8 to Mac OS X?

Generally speaking, you will be advised to install Windows 8 or other Windows OS that you like when buying Mac and informed of the way of switching between these two Operating Systems. But it's really hard to remember all steps clearly. Need help in switching windows and Mac OS? Read on to learn about more options to switch from Windows 8 to Mac OS X.

Option 1. Switch from Windows 8 to Mac OS X through Option Key

Option key on Mac is similar to the Alt key on the keyboard on Windows computer. It enables you to switch between Windows OS and Mac OS X within two clicks.

Option 2. Switch to Mac OS X by Boot Camp

Boot Camp is a very useful and easy choice to convert Mac OS X to Windows 8 as well. Following is the detailed tutorial about converting from Windows 8 to Mac OS X.

Part 2. How to Switch back to Windows 8 from Mac OS X?

I have heard many of my friends complaining that they are not accustomed to Mac OS X. In fact, that is really a headachy problem especially for those who have used Windows Operating System for a long time. If you have the same problem, read on to learn the ways of switching from Mac OS X to Windows 8.

Option 1. Switch to Widows 8 on Mac by Using Option Key

There is a little difference from option 1 above, read carefully, please.

Option 2. Switch from Mac OS X to Windows 8 by Using System Preferences

If you have log into your Mac OS X, you can still easily switch back to Windows 8 under the help of System References.

The four options listed are adapted to all Windows OS, such as Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.

Do I miss any ways to switch between Windows 8 and Mac OS X? If you have other better options, please let me know by leaving messages in the Comment Box below. I would feel very grateful to you.

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