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Disk Tools

In this mode, you can clone the content of the whole disk or partitions and restore them in case of data loss. It also allows you to manage partitions.

Clone Entire Disk or Clone One Partition (Take Clone One Partition for instance)

Step 1. Choose Clone One Partition and click "Clone One Partition" button.

windows backup

Step 2. Select one partition you would like to copy. Then click "Next" to continue.

system backup

Step 3. Highlight one partition to place the copied partition and click "Next" to begin cloning.

Note: The capacity of the target disk should be larger than the previous one.

click backup

Backup Disk or Partition (Take Backup Disk for example)

Step 1. Choose Disk Backup and click "Disk Backup" button.

click backup

Step 2. Highlight hard disk you would like to backup and click "Next" to proceed with.

click backup

Step 3. Identify a save path to keep the image file and click "Next" to begin compressing.

click backup

Restore Disk and Partition (Take Restore Disk for example)

Step 1. Choose Disk Restore and click "Disk Restore" button.

click backup

Step 2. Select the .img file you have backed up before. And then click "Next" to continue.

browse file

Step 3. Disk Restore will extract the compressed .img file automatically.

Partition Manager

Step 1. Choose Partition Manager and click "Partition Manager" button.

Step 2. In the Partition Manager window, you can create, format, delete or resize partitions. Here we take Create new partition for instance. Click "Create" button.

click create

Step 3. In the pop up window, select the partition type, size and drive letter for the new partition. Then click "Yes".


Step 4: Click "Apply" to confirm the operation.

Note: There are 4 primary partitions at most on a hard disk. You should check if there are 4 primary partitions. If there are already 4 primary partitions, you can't create one more partition. You can delete one of the primary partitions and create an extended partition, and then you can create more than one logical partition in the extended partition.

Data Wipe

Step 1: Choose Data Wipe and click "Data Wipe" button.

data wipe

Step 2: Here you have 3 options: Wipe Partition, Wipe Specific Folders and Wipe Files. Select the one you want, here we take Wipe Specific Folders for example.

wipe specific folders

Step 3: Click "Add" to load the folders you want to delete data, you can add several folders to wipe simultaneously. You can also click "Remove" to remove the folder you imported mistakenly.

Note: The wiped data can't be recovered by any recover tool, so please confirm the list before the operation.

click add

Step 4: Highlight the folder(s) you want to wipe data and click "Next" to delete all data in it. After that you can click "Save As" to save your deletion record.


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